1st Japanese Sword Appreciation Ceremony 2021

Special Feature 1: Viewing “Japanese swords” in a historical space -The world of Tamahagane told by Yasha Yukawa

As the final part of the La Spada “Japanese mini sword knife” workshop, a Japanese Sword Appreciation Ceremony was held at nationally recognized historical site “Eiunso” in Hofu city, Yamaguchi prefecture. Five swords, wakizashi, and tanto swords crafted by swordsmith Yasha Yukawa with all his soul were viewed and appreciated during this ceremony.

Adjacent to this historical site, which was the villa of the Hagi feudal lord Mori in ancient times, is a samurai-style teahouse “Kagetsuro.”

When Mr. Yukawa and his father, Yoshitaka Yukawa, lived in Sweden, they always enjoyed having Japanese green tea so called “matcha,” so we decided to hold this ceremony at a teahouse. It was a ceremony to appreciate Japanese swords in a teahouse where samurai warriors used to retreat from their worldly concerns through the ritual of the way of tea. Tea ceremony is a way of seeing the universe in a bowl of tea. We shared the feelings and respect towards Japanese culture held by a half-Japanese swordsmith.

Special Feature 2: Experience wearing a kimono

For this ceremony, La Spada collaborated with Hofu Kimono Experience “Shiori” so the participants could experience wearing a kimono. We held the appreciation ceremony wearing kimono with the feeling of becoming a “princess” or “lord!”

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